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Евген Цыбуленко

Евген Цыбуленко

Профессор международного права (Таллинн)

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    Roman Serbyn

    The aim of separatism is the creation of a SEPARATE state. Separatists do not want to simply leave an existing state; they want create their own independent state, separate by sovereingty from all others. When some people decide to leave one state and join another it is not correct to call them separatists. In fact they are «annexationists». There were and still are many political movements which can be legitimately called «separatist. The Catalan separatists wanted to set up independent (SEPARATE) Catalonia. The Russian interventionists and their collaborators in Crimea never intended to set up independent Crimea but from the outset wanted to annex it to Russia. The same is true for the Russian intrigue in the Donbas. From the very start, the aim was to attach Donas and as much as possible of the rest of Ukraine to Russia. There were thus annexationists, only camouflaging as «separatists».


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